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Economic: A Catalyst for Growth

The NEC will provide Niagara Falls, New York with a world-class cultural attraction to enhance and match the wonder of the Falls themselves, drawing tourists and locals downtown and extending their length of stay on the U.S. side of the Falls.

Together, the NEC and other “anchor” attractions, including the Niagara Lodge and an Events Park, will transform an underutilized urban setting into the Niagara Falls Heritage Park. These anchors will, in turn, serve as a catalyst for ancillary developments, such as lodging, dining, retail, etc., to meet the needs of increasing numbers of visitors.

Cultural: A Cultural Hub & Gateway

The NEC will fill a void on the cultural landscape of Niagara Falls, as it becomes the primary interpretive center for the Falls, and the best place to experience the story of this extraordinary natural wonder. Featuring the latest in immersive “experience design,” the NEC will offer the dramatic impact to attract contemporary audiences from near and far. At the same time, it will be grounded in scholarship and authenticity, distinguishing it from the attractions on the Canadian side of the Falls. The NEC will serve as a gateway to other cultural attractions and events in the region through a cross-promotional marketing strategy.

Environmental: A Model of Sustainability

In a region that has faced numerous environmental challenges, the NEC and Niagara Falls Heritage Park will become a model of sustainable “green” design. The NEC will aim for a Platinum Rating under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Rating System®. This is the highest LEED rating. The NEC design team will examine multiple approaches to achieve this rating, including the utilization of indigenous landscape plantings, recycled building materials and renewable energy sources. The Project also aspires to achieve a design solution that maintains the spirit of Frederick Law Olmsted’s vision for the region and extends the natural experience of the State Park toward the city center.

Social: A Center of Community Pride & Activity

The NEC and Niagara Falls Heritage Park present an important opportunity to affect positive change in the local community. Numerous events spaces will host a rich array of programs to encourage community attendance and participation. Meanwhile, the high quality of experience at the site will give Niagara Falls a new landmark aimed at changing the perception of the city among potential tourists and locals alike. The message will be that this is a vibrant community where great things continue to happen, as the story of Niagara Falls unfolds today.

Niagara Falls Heritage Park