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Second Wave Development

Community leaders and residents of Niagara Falls are well aware that no single development will completely transform the city overnight. However, the NEC can serve as a catalyst to spark future developments and improvements that will, over time, help Niagara Falls remake itself into the world address it deserves to be. “Second Wave” Development is seen as a key part of the revitalization process.  SOme of the second wave improvements include:

Rainbow Boulevard Entertainment Site

Plans for the Rainbow Center Mall include transforming the site into a high-end, mixed-use urban entertainment center with at least one major anchor attraction, as well as themed restaurants, lodging and retail venues. Revitalizing the Rainbow Center Mall site would help expand economic development eastward toward Old Falls Street, the Conference Center Niagara Falls and the Seneca Niagara Casino.

Old Falls Street

The Niagara Falls Heritage Park is intended to complement proposed changes to Old Falls Street. These changes include developing retail properties across from the Conference Center Niagara Falls and transforming Old Falls Street into a pedestrian-only route during peak tourism months, with limited vehicular access during off-peak periods. The goal is to encourage pedestrians to circulate more widely through the entire area bounded by the State Park to the west and the Seneca Niagara Casino to the east.

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