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Niagara Falls Heritage Park


In an age where virtual experiences are redefining everyday life, it is no wonder more and more people are pursuing the authenticity and enrichment associated with cultural tourism, adventure travel and cultural heritage of extraordinary world Niagara Falls.

At Niagara Falls, nature and the human spirit have intermingled like nowhere else on Earth to create a truly magnificent natural wonder with an equally monumental story to tell.

This epic story is the inspiration behind the NEC - the region's first "experience museum" and the keystone attraction in what will become the Niagara Falls Heritage Park.  Together, the NEC and the ancillary development it inspires will help Niagara Falls redefine itself as a world-class visitor destination with emotion, excitement and unparalleled natural beauty.

These plans present a vision for the NEC and the complete Niagara Falls Heritage Park.

Niagara Falls